Befunge 93 Canvas

Posted on 03/07/2011

Befunge-93 is an esoteric language, first conceived in 1993 by Chris Pressey. What makes it so unique is its multi-dimensional program pointer – whereas most programs execute from top to bottom, Befunge-93 can run from left to right, up to down, right to left, or down to up – and change while running the program.

Befunge-93 is all well and awesome, but what makes everything more awesome? HTML5 features. Therefore, I present to you, Befunge-93 Canvas.

This implementation should support all standard Befunge-93 commands (and none of the later 98 specification, yet, at least), but also proprietary Canvas-writing functions. Or just the one at the moment – allowing you to draw a single pixel at a time.

For some example programs (that don't use the extra Canvas functionality), check out the original language designer's site.

I'll have some code examples and design patterns up next weekend. If you make anything awesome with it, I'd love to hear from you.


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