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About Me

I'm Tony Aldridge, otherwise known as Angry Lawyer. I program in pretty much every programming language ever.

I do open source work on a number of projects, and develop games in my free time.

Some of the languages I like to play with are

  • Typescript
  • Rust
  • OCaml
  • Erlang
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Tcl
  • C & C++

I also polish gemstones in my free time, am interested in feminism and social issues, and am trying (and not doing very well) at learning Mongolian.


Things I've done in the past, or am currently working on


SDL2 bindings for Rust, used by several videogames projects in the Rust ecosystem.

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Daniel Friesen, resized -


Easily import and export javascript CommonJS modules through js_of_ocaml

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CC-BY Kevin Shine, resized -


Tcl bindings for Rust, for embedding an interpreter in your Rust projects.

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By Scs (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons -


An implementation of APL implemented in Rust, designed to match Dyalog APL

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CC-BY Henri Sivonen, resized -


Rust libraries for working with old Ultima Online .mul files

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Zombie Master

A mod for Half Life 2, where players must compete against one chosen as the Zombie Master - a Real Time Strategy player controlling the enemies

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Fancy a chat about something? Contact me at tony (at)


I maintain a GitHub profile here. Fancy collaborating on something?


I'm on Twitter as Angry_Lawyer. Drop me a line!

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